Hill Žákova hora

It looks like a woody cumulous peak on the south Heralec’s skyline. The peak is set 810 metres above sea level. Its name (Zakova, Student’s) is derived from a legend about students from a monastery in Zdar nad Sazavou who lost their way in the deep forest and never come back. The name itself is antique; it was used already in reports from years 1366 and 1368. At that time the peak was called “Monte clerici”. People had tried to seek silver but it has never been discovered here. Many legends and myths took place here; most of them were kept among local people for a long time. Fire-men, will-o’-the-wisp, midday witches, undines have come to life there. On the southwest slope of the hill there is a unique exhibit of original unaffected forest trees. In 27th June 1970 this area has been proclaimed as a protected zone.
Žákova mountain Žákova mountain
Hill Zakova hora